Friday, September 26, 2008

I've Always Wanted to Be a Zen Monk & Now I Am

Yesterday was the last day of term.
The photos were taken in our staff room which is in a state of disarray because we're moving our desks away from each other. Everyone is sick to the back gills of sitting up like a pack of Disaffected Battery Hens on top of one  another. So we're moving.
I must admit that I wouldn't want to sit next to me. I'm not just being Self-Effacing, or displaying a dreaded lack of Self-Worth, heaven forbid, but I do have a number of annoying habits. I won't bore you with the full list as I don't want to appear too Charmless & Oafey, but one of them is Noisy Headphones. It drives people nuts.
You see, I'm noise phobic, so when I'm at my desk & not contributing to the cacophony myself, I stick my headphones on & listen to Brain wave tracks that sound like rain with maybe a fan going on in the background. The tracks are supposed to induce an Alpha or a Theta state in my brain which is optimum for being calm, centred & creative, but sadly, those around me only hear  loud hissing coming from the headphones.
Even though it really does just sound like a massive amount of rain bucketing down, somehow it works, not that I want to sound like an Infomercial. Not only does it mask the surrounding noise, but my mind focusses clearly on whatever I'm doing on the computer - School Work or Blog Work. 
Centerpointe, the US company that sells this 'Neurotechnology', claims that by simply listening to them on stereo headphones you can, 'Meditate like a Zen Monk'. I've always wanted to be a Zen Monk, & now I am. 
Look closely at the words on my bangle. Can you see that it says, 'Peace'? How Zen is that? I got it when I was in the US on my last hols, at 'Forever 21' which I'm sure is often frequented by Zen Monks. The smock top is another US item from 'Anthropologie', another Zen Monk favourite.
In Tomorrow's Post, I'll be in Holiday Mode or at least in Dumped Woman's Holiday Mode.
 I've already had a semi-makeover - an Eyebrow Wax & Tint & a Haircut. Hope you'll tune in to see the results.
 Very Zen.


see you there! said...

Holiday mode? What holiday? I know your class of girls just finished by I thought a new one started. I'm lost.


Della Street Dreaming said...

thanks for asking, Darla.
We have four terms. This week we finished term 3, which is when our Year 12 (last year of school) finish their school life ahead of major State Exams in October. I haven't got a new Year 12, but I've got a student in another class as my wardrobe remix photographer now.
So now I'm on two weeks vacation before we start Term 4.