Sunday, September 7, 2008

Food & the Dumped Woman

In just about every blog entry of late, I've banged on & on about the Unintended or Accidental Benefits of Being Dumped.  And this entry's no different.
I'm becoming the Pollyanna of Dumped Women. I'm just so0000000 Glad!
One of these Unintended or Accidental benefits is continued weight loss. In the two days after I'd been dumped, I immediately lost 2 kilos, which felt like Divine Intervention. You know, I'm being punished in one way, but then rewarded in another because God felt sorry for me. 
Now after over four weeks, I've discovered that I've lost another kilo. 
Before being dumped I 'd become Strict with Food. Determined not to follow in the footsteps of my Side of Pork Birthmother who I've only met twice, I shed about six kilos through mainly eating less  & no carbs after 2pm.  And no soft drinks or fast food. And only smallish mouthfuls of cake. I'd read a book called 'French Women Don't Get Fat' which presented a highly romanticised view of weight loss which I immediately tried to copy which was hard because I've hardly ever been to France & don't know any French Women. 
But like most Middleagedwomen, I found it hard to lose those last two or three kilos. 
Until now.
As my Longing for Food seems to have been replaced by a General Longing, I'm not being tempted as often, nor eating our usual friday night takeaway of Salt & Pepper Squid, San Choi Baw & Asian Hotpot, washed down with Rose. 
So I've got a Whole New Regime - because I don't want to eat much, I can stuff the fat & the carbs, & eat what I damn well like! 
Over the weekend, I cooked a hugely fatty meal loaded with salt for my daughter, her boyfriend, her dad & his other daughter.  They all loved it.
My daughter, Billie-Mae asked me for the recipe which is dead easy & mainly involves shovelling in loads of cream. Here it is:
Cut up into strips a packet or two of organic chicken thighs. Two packs were plenty for four adults & one child.
Generously sprinkle them with powdered chicken stock & fry in olive oil until lightly browned. Don't bother draining off the oil. You can  also add dried oregano or a desertspoon of wholegrain or dijon mustard, maybe some field mushrooms & a few squirts of lemon.
Then gradually start adding a tub of thickened cream. When all the cream is in, it's time to eat.
I love sprinkling everything with chopped parsley. I know it's a bit passe, but I still like it.
Serve with a big steaming plate of gnocchi & maybe a rocket & parmesan salad.
Bon appetite!


workthatwardrobe said...

Sounds so yummy I forgot I was a vegetarian. Will try it with substitutes!

see you there! said...

Sounds delicious. I'm not familiar with thickened cream tho. We have sour cream, and heavy whipping cream, but no thickened cream.