Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Smiling Dwarf & Wise Twin

Even though I finished with my Senior Class last friday, today was their last official day at school.
In Australia, the last day of school for Year 12 has always been called 'Muck Up Day', & was always considered one of the Rites of Passage into Adulthood.
In my day, jubilant school leavers would pelt the school with flour & eggs & maybe put a For Sale sign on the front gates. Boys schools would often use slightly rougher tactics involving making doughnuts in cars, balls & chains, paint & maybe some nudity.
But today, in a World Gone Mad with Occupational Health & Safety & Public Liability Issues, 'Muck Up Day' has become tame.
Our girls were read the Riot Act weeks ago. There was to be NO Bad Behaviour. Not a sausage. If anyone so much as signed their name on someone's uniform, which, by the way is a breach of copyright because the school owns the design, there would be DIRE Consequences.
So the girls got around the restrictions by adding little frills & flounces & bows to their summer uniforms & wobbling around in ridiculously high heels. The School Captain designed & made a frilly little black & red corset which she wore over her uniform. Straight out of 'Best Little Whorehouse in Texas'.
Of course, this is perfect for our area as the school is right in the middle of Sydney's Red Light District.
Here I am with my Official Wardrobe Remix Photographer, The Wise Twin. For nearly a year, she has taken hundreds of photos of me in front of the whiteboard. Wise Twin has really learnt lots about the intricacies of taking the perfect Wardrobe Shot. That's one thing that I've taught her.
But as I said in yesterday's post, Life Moves On & I've already found a replacement in one of my junior classes.

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see you there! said...

Nice that the Wise One had a chance to be in front of the camera. I like how she used bows to tie up her... dress? Shirt?

There you go looking good in red again.