Friday, September 5, 2008

What I Would Have Looked Like If I Really Was 'With the Band'

In yesterday's post, I belatedly bemoaned the fact that I'd never pursued my true calling which was  Rock Photojournalist. Here's a pic of me taken decades ago wearing black plastic pants  a vintage cape & an Oroton snake on my wrist. It's what I would have looked like had I become one.
It's far far too late for me now. I'm far too busy Being Dignified. 
Talking of Being Dignified, my personal benchmark is the late Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother. You may recall that she lived to be over 100 & wore a dazzling assortment of floral hats very similar to meringues. The Queen Mum, as she was affectionately known, spent her entire public life Smiling & Waving, never saying a Thing. In fact, the overwhelming majority of the British population probably never even heard her speak. But  everyone loved her. Doesn't that tell us something? I'm not sure what, though
So, every time I get into a sticky situation & don't know how to act, I immediately think of the Queen Mother. Just Smile & Wave. So far it's worked wonders.


see you there! said...

Sounds like a good plan. My personal mantra is "Don't explain, don't complain". Covers most everything.


rabespierre said...

i love this picture of you!
and isn't the secret good thing abt not becoming a rock photojournalist that actually being backstage is kind of boring? i mean, maybe not if you're 16 but after you're 25 or so it's all kind of yeah, yeah, yeah ...!!
i'm really enjoying your blog lately! wish i had more time for reading, flickring and commenting.