Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Importance of Getting a Professional Pedicure

I'm not quite sure why I'm posting this photo above. The more I look at it, the more I can't believe it. 
No, I'm not running classes in Provocative Poses for Prospective Prostitutes. It's just that it's my second last lesson forever with my senior class & I was madly giving them some last minute tips  on The Importance of Having a Professional Pedicure. You see, I'm trying to cram in not just those important last little tidbits about Exam Technique or King Lear etc, but all these other things that they might find useful in the years to come. I've told them all my little pet hates of which I have many.
Acrylic Nails.
Fake Tan.
Comparing yourself to others.
Being Charmless & Oafey.
Too Much Waxing.
Professionally Straightened Hair.
Getting Legless Regularly or even Semi-Regularly.
Keeping Secrets.
That's just the Short List.
I was also showing them some rather showy Glittering Mules that I had just bought on my way to school at the local thrift shop, 'Beatniks & Bohemians'. When I first saw them, I thought that they might be Call-Girl Mules, but Gabe, the manager, said, 'Absolutely Not. They're Dorothy Shoes!' Of course! Dorothy! I must have them now! 
As I'm not the sort of person to ever dress in Fancy Dress, I don't suppose I'll ever wear them, but maybe The New Me will. 
Oh, I haven't mentioned anything before about The New Me. But I'm considering it. 

On a different tack, you may have noticed the rather enigmatic text on the top photo. Yes, what ARE you waiting for? I may well ask this question of myself. 
Actually, its a photo that I've included in a Farewell Photo Story for the Senior Class. And, I hate to admit it, it's a line from Christina Aguiliera's tortured song, 'Soar', which I've used as a background song. 


see you there! said...

A pedicure is a treat isn't it? I agree with you list except I'm afraid I can't for the life of me figure out what "getting legless" is.

I think you are giving the girls a great send off.


Della Street Dreaming said...

Legless means getting drunk or stoned.

Brissie said...

What did we do when we left school? I do remember your demure WHITE formal frock.