Monday, September 1, 2008

Dysfunctional Action Figures in Love

One of the unexpected benefits of being dumped is the opportunity  to showcase my photographs of Dysfunctional Action Figures in Love. Last year I began buying these Desperate Figures wherever I could. You'd think they'd be everywhere, but they're not. Oh, there's plenty of Male versions around, but v. few Females. I guess that's because Men are associated with Action & we're associated with Feelings. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have Feeling Figures as well? I can't imagine what they'd be doing - Crying I'd expect.
The trouble with most Action Figures is that even though you might be able to contort their bodies in some way, you can't do anything with their faces. And just look at the couple above. Not even a hint of an emotion. Not a sausage.
In my quest to find suitable Women Action figures, I was forced to buy replicas of Porn Stars which was a slightly disconcerting experience. Upon opening a package bought on eBay of Jenna Jamieson who is  Big in that world, I was shocked to see that it REALLY was a replica, down to the Enhanced Breasts, the Tidy Brazilian, the tatts & the Rude Underwear. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a spot for Jenna in any of my photos so far.  But I'll keep on trying.
You may or may not be wondering how I photograph these tiny figures & Since I'm in a Self-Disclosing mood, I'll tell you. The backgrounds are all pages from early eighties 'Architectural Digest' magazines. I pick out a suitable set - usually a bedroom or living room, tear it out & prop it up against a hard surface & have the figures stand on the 'floor' of the room. . The only aid I need is 'Blutack' to stick the  figures down with. In fact, if you look close enough at the photo above, you'll notice the 'Blutack' on the Track Suit Wearing Girl's joggers. 
I'm Nothing if not Low-Tech.
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workthatwardrobe said...

I have only just read through your posts (from while I was away) and noticed that you have been dumped for real. I thought they were ironic posts!
I am sorry for your loss but glad that you have been able to recognise and appreciate some of the chinks of light.

Della Street Dreaming said...

thanks for that.
Yes, it's true. I made a decision to 'go public' with this as a way of dealing with it. And I must say, it was a great decision because the blog has really become a creative outlet for dealing with v. difficult feelings.

see you there! said...

You do a great job of staging for your photo's. Now I'm wondering what blutack is. Something like that museum wax stuff?


Della Street Dreaming said...

I have never seen blutack in the US which is weird because it's the Home of Everything. Blutack is reusable blue stuff that resembles chewing gum that you stick posters on the wall with. It must be called something else.

Iheartfashion said...

These are absolutely great.

Iheartfashion said...

And blutack is available in the US. It's a dorm room staple for sticking up posters without damaging walls.